Create digital access from your smartPhone

You can create unique codes from your smartPhone for as long as you want for each person.

Easy installation

Two screws and it's fixed!

Step 1

Declip the upper black plate of the digicode using a small flat twist.

Step 2

Unscrew the two large screws on the sides to release the lower part of the digicode.

Step 3

Screw this lower part to the wall using two 8mm diameter screws. Predrill the necessary holes.

Step 4

Reassemble the digicode. You can now use this one!

The advantages

Control access
As with a smartPhone, the code being unique for each share, we know who enters and who leaves.
Open and close!
The keypad allows the door to be opened and closed in two turns.
Control multiple locks
the same digicode allows different locks to be opened.
2 years autonomy
Powered by 2 3v lithium batteries, your digicode will have an autonomy of about 2 years (10 transmissions per day on average).
Can be installed outside.
IP64, burglar resistant.
Monitor access attempts
The access log tells you if false codes have been entered

Technical characteristics

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59 €

In stock

Color Grey metallic
Weight 400g
Dimensions of the product 80 x 60 x 50 mm
Power supply 2 CR2032 batteries
Security Encryption between the digicode and the lock.
Code 6 digit code
Setting the codes Since The Keys app
Number of codes allowed per lock 20
Led Led Red: wrong code.
Blue when a key is clicked or when the digicode connects to the lock.
Functions Opening (right arrow after code).
Close (left arrow after code).
Indice de protection IP54
Température de fonctionnement -10 / +70°C
2 years warranty
on all products
01 34 18 89 46
Fast delivery
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